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Our group

Being a warm and welcoming group we are dedicated to our students; offering an environment that is supportive, encouraging and friendly.

We often get together outside of class, whether it’s just going to watch a movie, having a spa day for the ladies, games night, bowling or getting together to practice our singing and playing the instruments.

There’s a strong sense of community here and you’ll quickly feel like a part of the family.

Our Mestre

Born and raised in south-eastern Brazil, Mestre Lua began practicing capoeira at the age of six and hasn’t stopped since.

He focuses on teaching the basics first while using proper and safe techniques, teaching his students to be prepared for anything in the roda. As an avid student of other martial arts, he often incorporates new techniques and movements not commonly found in capoeira.

He is recognized by his peers as one of the best capoeiristas in Canada and regularly travels nationwide, to the U.S., Europe and South America teaching workshops and sharing his knowledge.

Mestre Lua

Our history

Capoeira Malês was founded by Mestre Curisco and Mestre Lua after emigrating from Brazil to the United States and Canada respectively. Their aim is to share their love of capoeira and their wealth of experience with students, based on their shared values of respect, discipline and tradition. Not only are Mestre Curisco and Mestre Lua committed to the preservation and values of capoeira as an art, but also to disseminating the Brazilian culture worldwide and passing on these values to their students.

Malês around the world

If you’re travelling within Ontario, or outside of Canada, why not visit our other schools.