805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2X4

2013 Batizado tickets now on sale!

Grupo Capoeira Malês  G.T.A. is very proud to welcome all capoeiristas to come and share our love for this beautiful art as we bring guests together from Canada, the United States and Brasil to congratulate Mestre Lua on his 30 years of dedication to Capoeira September 12-14.

2013 also marks Mestre Lua’s 10th year leading his grupo here in Toronto! This is going to be a spectacular event, not to be missed! Schedule below…

Thursday, September 12
Workshop – 7:00pm
Fighting Arts Collective
927 Dupont Ave, 2nd FL

Friday, September 13
Workshop – 7:00pm
The Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Road, 3rd FL
(WHITES please for the Friday night roda as it will be formal!)

Saturday, September 14
Workshop – 10:30am
Batizado – 2:00pm
Davenport Perth Community Centre
1900 Davenport Road

Saturday night party!

Mana Bar – 722 College St.

Private lounge, no line up and no cover charge (before 11:00) for our guests. Mention you are with Capoeira Males batizado


Mestre Curisco – Malês Seattle

Mestre Lobão – Besouro Manganga Brasil
Mestre Lua – Malês GTA

Mestre Peninha – Equipe Montreal
Contra Mestre Leitão – Candeias Montreal
Contra Mestre Gafanhoto – Mandinga California
Professor Budoy – CDO Montreal
Instrutor Pirata – Equipe Montreal
Instrutor Mortal – Capoeira Brasil Montreal
Instrutor Soquete – Sinha Bahia Toronto
Instrutor Falcão – Malês GTA
Instrutora Pantera – Malês GTA
Instrutor Camarão – Malês GTA
Instrutor Camaleão – Sul da Bahia Barrie
Monitor Saci – Camará Toronto

and more…!

NOTE: All tickets include workshops, batizado, and t-shirt. 13% HST will be added at checkout