805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2X4

2012 Spring Encounter

Please join us as we host our 5th Annual Encontro de Primavera at our Burlington academy. We will be welcoming new faces into our roda and guarantee an event full of positive energy and plenty of capoeira for all of our guests! All capoeiristas are welcome to participate. Our doors are open to everyone!!

Teachers (*confirmed)
(more to follow)

Contra Mestre Lua – Males GTA *
Contra Mestre Carcara – Com Expressao Rochester *
Professor Leitao – Candeias Montreal *
Professor Budoy – Cordao de Ouro Montreal
Professor Cavalo – Maculele Miami *
Professor Macarrao – Luanda Oakland *
Professor Trovoada – Mandinga Detroit *
Instrutor Pirata – Equipe Brasileira Montreal *
Instrutor Desenho – Mandinga Buffalo *
Instrutor Ariranha – Capoeira Angola Quintal NYC *
Instrutor Soquete – Sinha Bahia *
Instrutor Falcao – Males GTA *
Instrutora Pantera – Males GTA *
Instrutor Ninja – Males Seattle *
Instrutor Camarao – Males GTA *

All workshops/rodas will be at Sidekicks Martial Arts, 2421 New Street Burlington, ON, Canada (west of Guelph Line)

Wed Apr 25 – Open Class 7:30pm Roda 9pm

Fri Apr 27 – 7:30pm Registration
8pm Workshop (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
9:15pm Roda Aberta

Sat Apr 28 – 12:30pm – Registration
1pm – Workshop 1 (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
2:30pm – Workshop 2 (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
4pm – Roda Aberta
6pm – Bate Papo
7pm – Teacher’s Dinner

info@capoeiraschool.ca if you’d like to register in advance