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Instructor Falcão

Portrait of instructor Falcoa
Instructor Falcão

Born to Jamaican immigrant parents, Instructor Falcão grew up in Scarborough’s east-end and one of the city’s roughest neighbourhoods- Malvern. Having witnessed many friends and acquaintances killed on the streets and even more move in and out of the prison system, learning to be tough came with the territory.

Instead of going the way of his peers, Falcão decided to focus his attention elsewhere, both physically and spiritually. His introduction to martial arts was Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, where his instructor taught him much about the ‘real world”. It was his Jeet Kune Do instructor who introduced him to capoeira, and from that point on he was hooked. Falcão has been training capoeira for 14 years, since capoeira first was introduced in Toronto. He is one of Toronto’s few early students still training today, and he continues to work towards the growth of capoeira in Toronto.

Instructor Falcão has been training under C.M. Lua Branca since 2003, and became the first Instructor to be graduated under Contra Mestre Lua for Capoeira Malês. He has been teaching capoeira classes throughout the GTA for 7 years.