805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H 2X4


SATURDAY, JULY 10 @ 2:00 pm (in front of the Olatunji Drum Stage)

Lua Branca
Afrofest Roda

(FIFA matches will be shown live on three BIG screens during Afrofest!)

Grupo Capoeira Malês invites all capoeiristas in Toronto to join us for an OPEN RODA at the 22nd annual Afrofest at Queen’s Park.

As part of Afrofest’s official schedule, we have a SPECIFIED time slot for the roda. Please arrive on time to get the most opportunity for playing! There are performers using the stage area before and after us!

The roda will start with kids and then open up to adults. Capoeristas of all levels and abilities are welcome and encouraged to join us in the spirit of community and exchange.

All capoeiristas are asked to please WEAR FULL WHITES. If you do not have a white uniform from a group, please wear a white top and pants.

Visit the Afrofest website for more information on the weekend festival www.musicafrica.org

Any questions please email info@capoeiraschool.ca or call Alegria at 416-388-8706.

SPREAD THE WORD and hope to see you there!